Rebark Services


Are you tired of the way your yard looks? Rebark Time offers more than just high quality color enhanced material for your yard. We have ways to add character to your yard using high grade materials that are low to no maintenance. Here are some of the services Rebark Time offers:

  • RAISED PLANTER BEDS - We build planter beds out of the best materials and have high grade planters mix.
  • PRUNING - We offer an annual trimming of all plants, shrubs, trees, and ground covers.
  • PLANTING - Call us for tree, shrub, and all other plant installation.
  • WEED CONTROL - We recommend a twice a year weed abatement program with a six month guarantee.
  • RETAINING WALLS - High quality segmental retaining wall construction
  • WALKWAYS & PATHWAYS - Yard & parking pathways & walkways
  • INSTALLATION - Residential & commercial rock, sand, and gravel install.

Free Estimates

Yard & Garden Pathways

We do walkway designs & pathway projects large or small. Create a walkway through your garden or yard with our unique walkway ideas.

We Build Retaining Walls

Rebark Time specializes in the design and construction of a variety of wall solutions for our customers.

Raised Planter Beds

If you like to plant vegetables and flowers, we build planter beds out of the best materials and have high grade planters mix.

More Services We Provide

  • Commercial pruning & annual trimming
  • Residential pruning & annual trimming
  • Weed control, weed abatement program
  • Retaining walls construction
  • Commercial accounts & new construction
  • Free estimates - we will beat any estimate by 10%
  • High grade raised planter bed installation
  • Tree planting & installation
  • Shrub & plant installation
  • Installation of all rock, sand and gravel
  • Commercial retaining wall construction
  • Residential retaining wall Construction

Weed Abatement Programs

October and February are the best months for our weed abatement program. We have two weed seasons. Cold, which is our first rain in October. Warm, when the last of the heavy rains have stopped.

Rebark Time recommends adding 1 -2 inches of material every 2-3 years for optimum weed control. The integrity of this material breaks down 27% to 30% a year from rain, heat and high traffic areas. Our products are very low maintenance for any yard, look beautiful and cost effective. It provides low maintenance for any homeowner. Give us a call for a free estimate . The benefit of our business is affordable prices and no running all over town to find what you want. We carry all types of bark, gorrilla hair, walk on bark, cedar, 3/4 in. fir bark, medium bark and large bark.

We offer several different colors:

Rust Brown (natural color of bark)
Coco Brown (color of dark chocolate)
Black (black)
Red (red)

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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.